Tania Hall is PhD Candidate at Flinders University specializing in disability and social media.  Compelled by social justice and advocating for the oppressed, Tania is empowering the voices of people living with a disability by researching into the disclosure of group home violence on social media.

Having an undergraduate Bachelor degree in Social Work (Honours) from University of South Australia, Tania has published a thesis on the implementation of the federal National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia for not-for-profit organisations.  Tania has received her accreditation as a Social Worker from the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Tania provides free disability consultancy for special needs homes and special needs centers in developing nations.

Tania has worked extensively within rehabilitation programs with both Indigenous and non-indigenous men, supporting them to integrate back into the community.  Socioeconomic issues have included alcohol and other drugs, mental health, correctional services and disability.