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In 2018, God is Raising Up the Prophetic Power Evangelist!

In September earlier this year the world entered the Hebraic year 5778, which prophetically represents the year of the open door.  God has opened doors that no man can shut (Revelation 3:8) and a time of great opportunity is resting upon us.  Momentum has been building and excitement is ripe in the air.  On January 1st the world will enter the Gregorian calendar year 2018.   … Read full article

The Greatest Awakening and a Billion Soul Harvest is at Hand!

This year marks 111 years since the now-famous Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, which shaped the modern Pentecostal movement and led to over 600 million people coming to Christ. The number 111 always captures my attention because my birthday is 11/1, my street address is 11/1 and even the square feet of my bedroom are 11.1! God has been speaking to me about Hebrews 11:1 –

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

Having great faith in God and His promises will allow you to be sustained in the heaviest persecutions, keeping you steadfast under extreme pressure and will propel you forward in the face of adversity.… Read full article

The Prophetic Decrees that Call Forth Joel’s Army

Witnessing the Victory of the Underdog

We can all agree that history is in the making as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania reaffirm America’s roots in congress. This shift in power has been made possible by three variables coming into alignment – the will of God that never changes, a Kairos moment, and the power of the prophetic decree. The foundations are being laid in America for harvest and we cannot undervalue the power of the spoken word and prophetic decree at the recent election. … Read full article

A Vision of ‘Cross-Pollination’ in the Body – It’s Time to Thrive and Increase!

“For the body is not one member, but many.” 1 Corinthians 12:14

The Body of Christ is approaching an extended season of cross-pollination, where denominational streams will begin to forge. 2017 will kick-start an increasingly greater level of wisdom and understanding that results in unity across denominations within the Body.

Cross-Pollination within the Body

Cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen, containing the male genetics of a plant, from one flower to the stigma, the female structure, of another.… Read full article

God is Pouring His Tempest of Fire

In a recent vision I saw Jesus standing in the heavens looking down upon the earth.  He held a lampstand and the flames caught my attention.  Suddenly a powerful whirlwind ignited the flames. The flame and whirlwind merged as one sweeping violently from heaven to earth.  I watched as the whirlwind of fire wrapped around the earth and poured into the nation of America, setting it ablaze. … Read full article

Allah sedang memanggil “Rombongan Pemenang”

Visi: Kemuliaan Allah yang semakin nyata

Dalam sebuah visi dimana saya berjumpa dengan Tuhan muka dengan muka, saya melihat diri saya sedang terbang di atas sebuah desa yang kering dan dimakan cuaca. Dari kejauhan, saya melihat reruntuhan yang tersisa dari masa lampau. Dan ketika saya mendekat dan berhenti, awan yang menutupi reruntuhan itu mulai terpisah. Terlihat jelas bahwa reruntuhan itu adalah bekas sebuah bait Allah. Ketika sinar terang dari langit mengenai reruntuhan itu, menyebabkan reruntuhan tersebut mulai membentuk gedung bait Allah seperti semula di depan mata saya.… Read full article

God is Accelerating His Bride to Her Rightful Place!

Dream of acceleration to a rightful position

I had a significant dream recently that I believe is very encouraging to the body of Christ and reveals what God wants to do in this next season.  In the dream, I had travelled overseas and was preaching in a large building filled with people from a third world nation.  The people seemed to be dressed in purple silk gowns, being a type of clerical clothing which a priest or minister would wear. … Read full article

Bersiaplah untuk Keturunan Baru dan Kebangkitan Global

Visi Profetik Malam, Untuk Keturunan Baru dan Kebangkitan Global

Setelah kembali ke Australia, dari Pelayanan bersama Jeff Jansen, Todd Weatherly dan tim Global Fire Australia di Indonesia, saya mendapatkan sebuah penglihatan di malam hari yang saya percayai menunjukkan apa yang sedang Allah kerjakan di musim berikutnya.

Dalam penglihatan itu saya melihat sebuah gedung gereja tradisional di sebuah tempat yang kering dan gersang. Saya melihat ada seorang wanita muda yang telah terpisah dari jemaat Tuhan dan terkunci diluar gedung ibadah sementara sekelompok orang sedang beribadah di dalam.… Read full article

Sing Forth the New Song and Rivers of Healing Life

I fell into a trance while worshipping the Lord recently and as a new song bubbled forth from my mouth, I saw the words materialize and create the landscape in front of me in one fluid motion. Leaves, trees and the bank of a flowing river sprung from my words and formed upon the horizon of pinks and purples. Coming deep out of my spirit-man was a song which created a heavenly landscape.… Read full article

God is Calling Forth a Company of Overcomers

In a recent vision while encountering the Lord face to face, I found myself flying over dry weatherworn countryside.  I saw ancient ruins in the distance and as I approached and stopped to watch, the clouds above the ruins parted.  It became evident that the ruins were once a temple, as beams of light from the heavens hit the rubble causing the ruins to restore from the ground upwards before my eyes. … Read full article

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