Tania Hall is a Social Worker and researcher that upholds in highest esteem the ethical code of respect for persons, social justice and professional integrity.  Tania is passionate about self-determination and empowering people to live a life that is meaningful to them.  She wholeheartedly ascribes to the social work principle, “do no harm.”

Being an evangelist, revivalist and prophetic voice to the nations, Tania is a fresh and passionate speaker that stirs up hunger, builds faith and imparts revelation.  Her ministry is regularly accompanied with the power and demonstration of the Spirit.  Tania has ministered in Australia, through Asia and near the middle East.  Meetings have included open air meetings, Pastors and Leaders meetings, prophetic workshops, church meetings, inaugural events, school visits, home evangelism and street evangelism.

Tania has appeared on the revival program BEDARRI on Gawahi Television, which broadcasts to over 70 nations.

Tania’s creative prophetic articles have been featured on the Elijah List and circulated internationally.  Locally, her prophetic words have been recognised by the Australian Prophetic Council.  Tania is an Ambassador for Youth for Christ Australia.

Planted and serving the local community at Lifepoint Church Ridgehaven, Tania’s Senior Leadership are Pastors David and Donna Hall.